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Spring Garden Reunion 2014 - Brooklyn, NY


Rose Garden Catering Hall in Brooklyn, New York lit up on July 5th with music from the 90's to the present.  Deejays from Team Xclusive, Samuels Top Ranking and Slingers Family paid their dues on the mixing board and microphone. The crowd was no stranger to this promotional team!  The party was an all night affair, and the room became more packed with each passing hour.


I arrived at 1:45 am, with the thought that I may have missed some of the highlights of the evening.  It turned out to be perfect timing. Sure enough, party-goers increased to a rough head count of about three hundred by 3 am.

Rory from Team Xclusive entertained while everyone got comfortable.  Natty Samuels of Samuels Top Ranking served up some good, "old tunes", making the incoming patrons dance their way to the bar.


I grew up listening to Samuels Top Ranking and it is always interesting to listen to their vintage taste and technique. Each deejay had their turn to spin dub plates and show off their unique style!  DJ Corrupt took the microphone for about thirty minutes and had the crowd swaying and dishing out dance moves according to each track.  More than a few pairs of stilettos got tossed for hindering dance moves.  Last, but certainly not least, DJ Garwin, who traveled from Guyana for this event, took the spotlight.  The already gyrating crowd mustered up some inner energy and responded with either a finger to rep their acknowledgement of specific lyrics or just continue to recite while bumping and grinding.  


The camaraderie and respect that was expressed amongst the deejays was exceptional!  OC Dread, stood out for his exceptional patience in setting up each deejay with the necessities to continue a seamless flow!

Overall, the night, or should I say morning, was a good investment.  It was a good feeling to be in the presence of proud Guyanese who stay true to their roots while celebrating. 

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