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Dimple Willabus


In 1996, in Guyana, South America, the voice of a new generation demanded inspiration and Dimple Singh-Willabus became the heartbeat of a nation starved for new influences.


Chosen for her diverse cultural appeal and well-rounded background, Dimple hosted an innovative entertainment program called Rhythm Nation. Under Dimple's leadership, Rhythm Nation became the first R&B and Hip-Hop show aired and it was the first show with live, late night, audience interaction. Rhythm Nation incited a rainbow of harmony and celebration that did more than sooth the unrest of a nation; it gave pride to the entire Caribbean culture.


Dimple was the first Indian female to achieve such success and with her amazing crossover appeal, she opened the door to new opportunities. Always a progressive thinker, after one year, Dimple negotiated with the producer of Rhythm Nation and bought the exclusive rights to the name and control of the show.


In June 2000, Dimple was elected Minister of Culture in Guyana's National Youth Parliament.  She went on to play integral roles in the development of social conscious movements.  Through her work with Entertainers Making A Difference (EMAD), a nongovernmental organization, AIDS awareness was brought to the forefront of the national community.


Never satisfied, Dimple travels internationally, expanding the pulse and joy of Rhythm Nation, with an intent to enhance the universe through an appreciation of great music and great people. Rhythm Nation brought countries and cultures closer by airing carnivals, stage shows and many other significant entertainment events that Guyanese would not have been able to view otherwise.


Rhythm Nation grew over the years with an expansion to the hosting of entertainment events that set the stage for local vocalist and other talents. At present, many Guyanese artist accredit Rhythm Nation and Dimple for their motivation and continued success.


 She currently resides in the United States and has gone on to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism with a Minor in Marketing & Economics. She worked as an Assistant Editor at WCBS Network in the newsroom, while  secured a position to voice her opinion through ' blogging' on the network's website.  She is currently working on a Masters degree in Media Studies.  Of her many personal and professional accomplishments, Dimple believes her greatest accomplishment is the development of her family.


Dimple Willabus is an extraordinary woman and role model! When asked about her motivation and influence, she said, "Entertainment chose me, not the other way around and it is intertwined in my being!"

Dimple has been and still is the "Queen of Caribbean Influence!"

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