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Chantelle Teekasingh aka "Chanteezy"



Chantelle Teekasingh, aka, "Chanteezy" is the President of Rhythm Nation's management and production organizations.  Chantelle is responsible for overseeing the full gamut of responsibilities related to artist scouting, development and promotion.  She heads a unit that has excelled at perfecting the one-on-one relationships, which are necessary to navigate the complex field of talent management and exposure.  Through her efforts, Rhythm Nation has expanded its industry-wide network of entertainment entities, thereby ensuring, our clients receive proven pathways to success.  The management group at Rhythm Nation is designed to develop raw talent into professional skill.  Chantelle is at the forefront of ensuring our mission is met. 


In conjunction with her efforts as the head of our management team, Chantelle has also spearheaded efforts to advance the technical capabilities of the company.  The combination of talent development and advanced technology ensures that our clients are armed with the tools necessary to deliver the highest quality of entertainment.  Utilizing a college major in television and radio production as her foundation, Chantelle has honed her skills through years of experience and exchange of ideas with other industry professionals.  Once again, her mastery of relationship building has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company, our clients and the consumer.  Rhythm Nation is able to collaborate with industry leaders in sound and video engineering, in order to consistently develop the highest quality product.   

Chantelle has worked on some of the most well-known and orchestrated events in the New York City area, including:  the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, the Afropunk Festival, Brooklyn College's Blaze Dance Group and many more.  Chantelle also directs/produces music videos, managing music artists both locally and internationally.  

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